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Why Choose The Texas Institute Of Permanent Cosmetics?

Dixie Medford has completed over 25,000 procedures, has been perfecting her technique since 1988, and training in our established environment since 1992, making her an industry leader and highly regarded throughout the profession of permanent cosmetics. Dixie is also currently serving a term as President of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, which gives her insight and knowledge into all current amendments and updated information regarding the industry. She and her staff eagerly attend the yearly conferences available to the industry to stay up to date on these vital issues. Based on the standards and guideline of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals she has created a detailed 60-hour course instruction, with a small teacher/student ratio, to insure you receive the most thorough training available. She unquestionably believes that the training she gives you reflects back to her standards of professionalism, and Dixie and her staff will continuously be available to offer technical support and encouragement to you as you make your transition from our course to your new profession. In order to assure your success we offer hands on training as well as two days of theory training and at home activities to guarantee you will feel comfortable with the information you are learning. The course covers all aspects of our industry including Bloodborne Pathogens training (certification included) Equipment Knowledge, Color Theory, Facial Geometry, Skin Theory, Medical Issues, The Art of Tattooing, and business and client procedures. We also are an approved facility through the state and local municipal departments. Through the Texas Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, you will be able to perfect and learn a profession that will leave your clients feeling satisfied and confident with the work you execute. Please let us know how we can assist your learning requests.







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